⭐️ About us

⭐️ Where it began

Founded in 2019 by brother and sister team Michael and Abigail, following a tragic family loss of Michael’s son Callum.

They had an idea of a creating an online sportswear shop and brand in Callum’s memory. Callum was an active and outgoing boy, who loved to run around and smile with everyone.

Through their passion of sports and physical activity, and the love of participating with others. They found the strength and courage to move forward, and raise a smile once again. They hope to pass on this smile to you to. The name was obvious to them. C-sportswear was created.

⭐️ Mindset

An essential part of well-being, we believe is to be active and take part.

C-sportswear exists to be a part of that journey with you.

We are devoted to provide you with the sportswear that supports you on your path, consistently, one step at a time.

We are committed to deliver excellent customer service and whilst we grow, implore you to share your experience, feedback, product reviews so we can listen and learn where we are succeeding and where we can improve. Together we are stronger.

Our badge represents compassion community courage confidence consistency. This is now our life blood and the key to delivering our brand vision.

⭐️ Vision

Our vision is simple.

To inspire you with stylish supportive comfortable and effective performance wear to support your journey and all your activity needs.

To build a community that learns shares cares and supports each other on our unique paths.Supporting each other, nothing is impossible. A smile becomes strength. Strength becomes a smile.

To empower you, the mighty you. To move forward with courage confidence and consistency each and every day. Together strong, Together smiling, one step at a time.

For Callum For all of us. 💙